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About Us

We are a dynamic and customer-oriented translation agency with a strong focus on quality.


Dedicated project managers

As your sole contact, an experienced project manager is assigned to you throughout the entire translation process: specifications, budgeting, translation and review, quality control and validation, editing, etc. You will receive a final product that entirely lives up to your expectations, strictly on or before the agreed deadline.


Specialist translators

Calitema works with the best translators, all of whom have signed our quality commitment charter. They are the ones who give meaning to our work. Their mission is to provide you with the nuances of their mother tongue and all the richness of their national culture. Translators combine their linguistic experience with areas of expertise, guaranteeing a perfect understanding of the issues and appropriate terminology for your activity. As we constantly focus on the quality of our work, all translations performed by Calitema are systematically re-read and checked before being delivered to you.


Additional services

Need to translate a model in Adobe InDesign and reproduce the same graphics? Need to translate a faxed PDF into an editable document with an identical layout? Your project manager will be able to offer you additional services such as word processing, conversions, alignments, recoveries, graphics, etc. so that the layout of your translated document is identical the original one, meaning that it is unnecessary to hire a graphic designer later.

Our Services

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Alongside our quality commitment, we follow the recommendations of international standards: our translation specialists undergo a strict recruitment process, sign our quality commitment charter and translate only into their mother tongues; all our translated documents are systematically reviewed by a second translator; planning and deadlines are fully respected;

Serviços de tradução e revisão

Translation - We offer the services of specialists who translate only into their mother tongues, guaranteeing the strictest attention to detail and context-specific terminology. As well as rendering the meanings of words and sentences, our translators also transmit the subtleties of the original product. Good translations read as if the text had originally been written in the target language.

Review - All our translated documents are reviewed and corrected by a second translator before being sent to the customer.

Confidentiality - Calitema guarantees the confidentiality of your documents. Unless specified otherwise by the client, the documents remain in our files for 1 year so that they may be updated if necessary.

Quality and cost control - Calitema uses computer assisted translation programs to take advantage of the recurrence of words and phrases in a document, thereby guaranteeing the consistency of terminology across our translations and providing our customers with significant cost savings.

Our Clientes

We can provide translations in a wide range of specialist fields, in all areas of activity, in all languages. We guarantee that all projects are worked on by specialists, who combine accuracy with experience in your sector:

We are trusted

We provide translation services that gain the trust of the most demanding of customers, shown by their willingness to return to work with us.

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